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Our location offers you three internal rooms and three external solutions for meetings and conferences provided with every comfort and latest-generation technical equipments; Sala Carlotta and Sala Scuderia are located in the historical part of the location Tenuta Donna Lavinia and Sala Lavinia Bianchi Conference in the most recent part, Lavinia Bianchi.

Synergy of the structures, allows to the event guests to admire a landscape full of wonders. The Centuries - Old Park, the Citrus Grove along with the centuries - old palm tree that dominates it and the numerous water features create an excellent setting for every events.

Both location are provided with comfortable seats and places. The different spaces communicating with each other are easily reachable both from the parking and from the other areas of the entire structure since they have well-defined paths and also ramps for disabled access.

A noble gate introduces the ancient structure of the 1800s, once an ancient oil mill, brought back to its present splendor after a careful restoration work (commissioned by the Pastore family, which boasts 40 years of experience in the catering sector.)

Tenuta Donna Lavinia is characterized by authentic period decor and, what distinguishes it is the apulian white stone present in the office area, in the central structure and in the celebrations hall. The Centuries - Old Park, the Citrus Grove and the lawned park are an enchanting setting for the internal location. 

Lavinia Bianchi is a location full of charm and contemporary style, characterized by refined and glamorous decor. The Panoramic Path, the Colonnade immersed in the lush vegetation and the Living Bar create a unique and suggestive setting.



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