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  • Automotive

    90 parking spaces and bus zone, shuttle bus, bus station and airport bus.
  • Reception

    Secretariat, wardrobe and accommodation, 
stage for fashion shows, outdoor exhibition areas.
  • Catering

    Welcome coffee, coffee break, buffet 
lunch and dinner served and Gala celebration.
  • Audio/Video Service

    Fixed screen 3x2, projector, microphone, free Wi Fi, everything you need for your meeting.
  • Warehouse

    Materials depository, wares service elevator , modular platforms.
  • Corporate Identity

    Folders, pens, block notes, invitations, printing, packaging and shipping.
  • Service

    Hostess, Security, PH, Video Producer, Baby sitter, Flowers.
  • 3.0

    Video conference, LCD TV, simultaneous translation with headphones system, radio and translators room.

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